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We strongly believe in empowering individuals with the knowledge they need to ensure that they and their loved ones are cared for and their estate is protected. It is our pleasure to provide this education to the public through informational presentations to local community and civic organizations, business associations, and social clubs. If you would like more information regarding our presentations or to book Nicole D. Warmerdam, please contact us via the contact form below, via email ( or via telephone (650- 931-2596).


If you don't see your desired topic below, feel free to ask for it in your request:

  • Basics of Estate Planning

  • Planning For Incapacity

  • Estate Planning During Divorce

  • Estate Planning Pitfalls

  • Maintaining and Updating Your California Estate Plan

  • So You’re A Trustee or Executor: Now What

  • Choosing The Right Fiduciaries For Your Estate

  • Administering A Decedent’s Estate

  • Property Co-Ownership

  • Holding Title To Real Property

  • Property Tax Basis Preservation 

  • Proposition 19 and Your Estate Plan

  • Simplifying Your Estate Plan After 2013

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